Betta Two Solar Lights + Cell Phone Charger

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The Betta-two solar light solution is an affordable reliable, bright, solar powered LED light for a 2x room environment. Betta-two light solution can also be used to charge various makes of cell phones. The Betta-two light bulbs contain 22 LED’s, generating light equal to that of a 7Watt CFL Light bulb or a 60Watt incandescent bulb. The Betta-two light solution comes as a “Do It Yourself” kit and includes all fasteners with a proper mounting bracket for the solar panel.

Betta-two has been designed for areas with a minimum average sunshine of 4 hours per day. Betta-two solar lights bulb illuminates two rooms of 15sqm per room. The Betta-two light solution comes with adaptors for charging most popular brands of mobile phones. Betta-two solution make use of colour coded plugs for easy installation, includes all diagrams and instructions. The BettaFour light solution is capable of enough power to run the LED lights continuously for 12 hours. Betta-two solar lights solution can fully recharge one night’s usage within 2.22 full sunlight hours. The solution has been designed to be used for 5 hours every night.Betta Two Solar Lights + Cell Phone Charger in South Africa.


For off grid housing, informal housing,farming communities & outdoor recreation.

2 x 1Watt LED lights

1 x Controller with Lead Crystal battery

1 x 5 Watt solar panel

1 x Cell Phone charger & connectors

1 x 10Ah 6Volt battery

Brochure BETTA TWO

All cables, bracket and fasteners included

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