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Alternagy in South Africa.


The World Commission on Environmental Development defines sustainable growth as ” the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs “

Alternagy’s mission is not only to refocus the ‘green’ marketing approach but to seek to challenge the ideal, and provide alternative eco products that will not compromise on quality but deliver on environmentally friendly equivalents. Encompassing the 4 C’s of Direct Marketing namely Customer Solutions, Customer Costs, Communication & Convenience, we intend to deliver on our ideal. Our broad base of suppliers reflect a ‘green brand’ bias and a genuine concern in reducing harm to the environment.

Alternagy’s site has been carefully designed by ‘The Forge Web Creations CC’ to not only be a ‘green store’ but also a hub of information around green living. Unlike other sites our aim is also to appeal to the eco conscious woman, with a range of products aimed exclusively at this market.

In short to make available quality goods and products at competitive prices, and in our own way reduce the carbon effect and harm on the environment and it’s inhabitants.Alternagy Green Shopping.

The Alternagy Company was registered late in 2011 to fill a void in the market. Many web based alternative energy stores are extremely expensive for the end user, but with thanks to our supplier base, we can offer the same products at reduced rates, with many products listed at below recommended retail prices. It is our ambition to create an ‘eco-mall’ that will cater to all the needs of the eco-conscious consumer right across the spectrum. From transportation to eco-cosmetics, from bio fires to watches, from solar power to wind turbines, from batteries to inverters ,and so on…

All Alternagy products are covered by supplier warranties and their expertise is available for all your energy saving queries. Without your support and willingness to change, the future holds dire consequences, be it from global warming or the scarcity of fossil fuels. As such we welcome all communication with regards to improving our site and better catering for your needs.

“We need to push ourselves to make as many reductions in our energy use first….and that takes time. But we must do this quickly….the climate will not wait for us.” Rupert Murdoch.

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