Eco fires  do their bit and contribute largely towards saving  the environment in such a way that we can live our lives comfortably but at the same time save on emissions and fumes – but what exactly are eco fires and how do they actually benefit the environment as a whole?

Eco fire places are stunning and look brilliant in any type of architecturally-designed home or office, whether you prefer a more classical look or ultra-modern look – eco fires are stunning anywhere.

  • Bio flame is fuel-efficient, and the fuel that is used will have a positive impact on the environment.
  • This unique bio ethanol fuel has been developed entirely from renewable resources.
  • The fuel has been made entirely from the fermentation of sugars by making use of natural products such as sugar cane, beets, corn and potatoes.
  • The fuel will then be further-processed and refined with additives that will clean the fuel in order to avoid the emissions of smells and smoke and also soot when burnt.
  • This is a brilliant way of ensuring that you have a smoke and odour-free fireplace in your home, and the best part of all is that you no longer need to burn wood, anthracite or coal.
  • Eco fires are safe and do not release any toxins at all, thus ensuring that the air is kept clean.
  • The result is not only a safe way to warm up your  home or office environment, but it is a healthy alternative, too.

If you are building a home or renovating and simply love to watch the flames dancing on a cold winter’s day, then consider investing in an elegant and sophisticated eco-friendly and safe alternative to a messy fire-place. You will still be able to toast those marshmallows and drink hot cocoa, snuggled under a patchwork blanket – the only difference is that you are now doing your bit to save the environment from harmful gasses. Eco fires are indeed the modern answer to today’s fireplace.

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