Segway SE3 Patroller Cape Town View

Segway SE3 Patroller

Get the Segway SE3 Patroller (POA) Segway quality — now also on three wheels. It’s a natural extension of Segway’s Patroller product line...

Segway:i2 Base Model Cape Town View

Segway:i2 Base Model

Get the Segway:i2 Base Model (POA) The Segway:i2 Base Model Minimalist design, multitude of uses.  The perfect synthesis of form ,function and fun,...

Segway:x2 Base Model Cape Town View

Segway:x2 Base Model

Get the Segway x2 Base Model (POA) Specifically designed to manoevre varied terrain and handle the most demanding applications, the Segway x2 takes...

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