Afrisun Karoo 70kVA Grid Tied Inverter

Get the Afrisun Karoo 70kVA Grid Tied Inverter For R340,632

This inverter is a three phase PV inverter for large grid tied or off the grid PV power plants. The Karoo 70 is a reliable and affordable system that can be used with monocrystaline or polycrystaline photovoltaic solar panels. Easy integration is possible through versatility. Various types of PV configurations can be connected as the system has a wide input voltage operating range. A comprehensive monitoring system allows account of every watt harvested so that an accurate return on investment can be presented.

Even though the system will export balanced currents into the three phase supply it may be that one phase voltage is raised substantially because it is loaded. In this event, the system will reduce export on that phase in order to stabilize the supply voltage. The inverter meets over-voltage protection according to IEC60364.

Transfomerless systems such as the Karoo 70 offer higher efficiency than transformer based systems. These powerful highly efficient units would thus truly maximize the power harvested from the sun. Protection of the Karoo 70 is comprehensive and includes islanding detection, electronic overload, short circuit, over- temperature, frequency out of range, under and over voltage protection.

The inverter will reduce its throughput power if the temperatures are getting too high to avoid shutdown of the unit. A warning or fault message can be sent via SMS to the operator(s). The inverter meets the IEC61727, Photovoltaic systems – Characteristics of utility interface in terms of total harmonic distortion, flicker and current injection. The Karoo 70 can be used as part of a modular option for higher output power ratings. This means that multiple Karoo 70 inverters can be connected onto a single three-phase supply to provide much higher photovoltaic export power exported to the grid.

Afrisun Karoo 70kVA Grid Tied Inverter Cape Town


Width : 860mm

Height : 1309mm

Depth : 358mm

Weight : 310.0kg

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