Alternagy 150W LED High Bay Light

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Alternagy 150W LED High Bay . The main advantage of LED is efficiency. In conventional incandescent bulbs, the light-production process involves generating a lot of heat (the filament must be warmed). This is completely wasted energy, unless you’re using the lamp as a heater, because a huge portion of the available electricity isn’t going toward producing visible light. LEDs generate very little heat, relatively speaking. A much higher percentage of the electrical power is going directly to generating light, which cuts down on the electricity demands considerably. Per-watt, LEDs output more lumens of light than regular incandescent bulbs. The LED High Bay Light offers substantial energy saving compared to high pressure sodium or metal halide lights. LED

Alternagy 150W LED High Bay Light Cape Town

Alternagy 150W LED High Bay


Alternagy 150W LED Hi-Bay.

AC 85V-265V

9500 Lumens

W1 Reflector 60/120 degrees

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