Alternagy 20W LED Ceiling Lights

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Alternagy 20W LED Ceiling Lights. LEDs are now used commonly in all market areas from commercial to home use: standard lighting, AV, stage, theatrical, architectural, and public installations, and wherever artificial light is used. LEDs are increasingly finding uses in medical and educational applications, for example as mood enhancement, and new technologies such as AmBX, exploiting LED versatility. NASA has even sponsored research for the use of LEDs to promote health for astronauts. LEDs are used in mining operations, as cap lamps to provide light for miners. Research has been done to improve LEDs for mining, to reduce glare and to increase illumination, reducing risk of injury for the miners. LED Ceiling Lights do not emit light in all directions, and their directional characteristics affect the design of lamps.LED Ceiling Lights have longer life expectancy and higher efficiency (more light for the same electricity) than most other lighting.  

Alternagy 20W LED Ceiling Lights Cape Town


Alternagy 20W LED Ceiling Light

White – 1800 Lumens

Size : Diameter 160mm Hight 120mm

Silver Anodised Aluminium

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