Alternagy 3W LED Candle Globe

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Alternagy 3W LED Candle Globe. The LED method of producing light loses far less energy to heat than do other lighting technologies. It’s dramatically more efficient than the vacuum/filament method used in incandescent bulbs — sometimes around 85 percent more efficient; and it’s even about 5 percent more efficient than the CFL’s plasma-tube approach. But energy-efficiency is just part of the story. The other part is time-efficiency: You could go 20 years without having to change an LED light bulb. Solid-state lights like LEDs are more stable light sources than incandescent or fluorescent bulbs, and the difference is startling: A typical incandescent bulb lasts about 750 hours; a Geobulb lasts 30,000 hours. The LED Candle Globe sacrifices cost but not style and is practical in most rooms in the household cutting down on electrical consumption, whilst not detracting from ambience.  LEDs are a rapidly advancing technology that uses energy more efficiently compared to other lighting options. They comprise small, but powerful sources of light that illuminate when electrons move through semiconductor materials.

Alternagy 3W LED Candle Globe Cape Town


Alternagy 3W LED Globe

White & Warm White

E14 220V

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