C S B HRL12150W Solar Batteries

C S B HRL12150W Solar Batteries R1760.00

C S B HRL12150W Solar Batteries. The HRL Series is specially designed for high rate discharge and has a design life of 10 years. Its characteristics are high discharge efficiency and ability to withstand high heat due to PP case construction.. It can be used for more than 260 cycles at 100% discharge in cycle service.C S B HRL12150W Solar Batteries Cape Town

CSB‘s vision is to satisfy the customer’s needs with the best possible solution. Through quality control in the production process and reliable service and support in the field, CSB provides the solution for customer and market needs.
ISO: CSB is ISO certified and follows the procedures setup to control the manufacturing process. We also have in place a continuous improvement program and subscribe to Six Sigma which id implemented to improve our processes to achieve even better quality in our production and other control processes.
AAMP: (Advanced Automated Manufacturing Process) CSB utilizes advanced robotics and computer automation to provide batteries that have very tight tolerances. CSB batteries, due to their closely matched characteristics, are a perfect choice for applications which require a high degree of balance such as telecommunications and UPS.

Specifications :

Voltage : 12V


Terminal : I2 Thread Lead Alloy Recess Accept M6 Bolt

C S B HRL12150

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