Canadian Solar Solar Panel 260W Poly Smart Module

Get the Canadian Solar Solar Panel 260W Poly Smart Module For Only R2,132

Canadian Solar Solar Panel Smart module features an innovative integration of Canadian Solar’s module technology and SolarEdge’s power optimization for grid-tied PV applications. By replacing the traditional junction-box with a SolarEdge power optimizer, the SmartDC module optimizes power output at module-level. With this feature, the SmartDC module can eliminate the module-level mismatch and decrease shading losses. Furthermore, the SmartDC module provides module-level data to minimize operational costs and allow effective system management.


Harvest up to 25% more energy from each module · Maximizes power from each individual module against potential mismatch risk
· Decreases shading losses

Easy installation, simple system design · Integrated smart solution, no need to add other accessories
· Enhances the shading tolerance

Reduced BoS Costs · Up to 11.25 kW ~ 12.75 kW per string allows for more modules based on different inverters

Free module-level monitoring system · Full visibility of system performance · Free smart phone app for the monitoring system

More Safety · Automatic drop of DC current and voltage when inverter or grid power is shutdown


Canadian Solar Solar Panel 260W Poly Smart Module

Canadian Solar Solar Panel 260W Poly Smart Module



Weight : 19.1 kg

Rated Power : 260

Length : 1,638 mm

Width : 982 mm

Depth : 40 mm

VMPP : 30.4

VIMPP : 8.56A

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