CJ-10KW High Head Micro Hydro Turbine

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Micro hydro refers to hydro turbine power systems with a power rating of 100kW or less. A 100kW system will produce 100 standard units of electricity in one hour. Micro hydro systems differ from large hydro power since the flows of water required are much smaller. Micro Hydro Systems have been popular in some less-developed countries for a number of years enabling rural communities to enjoy the benefits of electrification in areas with hydro power potential but without a grid network. New technology, less stringent regulation of   grid-connected micro hydro generators and standardised turbine designs are now encouraging more widespread interest in micro hydro in the world.

CJ-10KW High Head Micro Hydro Turbine Cape Town

What are the Benefits?

  • The considerable benefits of micro hydro power include the following:
  • ‘Fuel-free’ source of power
  • Different to large hydro since environmental impacts of installation are negligible.
  • Renewable energy source therefore helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and having a net positive impact on the   environment.
  • Constant generation over long periods unlike wind and solar power
  • Good correlation with demand (more hydro energy is available in winter when heating loads are high)
  • Long lifetime of systems, typically 25 years or more Low maintenance requirements and running costs
  • Reasonable payback for grid -connected systems , often 10 years or less.

Dimensions and data


Rate of flow (litres/second)40-50

Power (w) 10000

Phase Monophase

Size Weight110x80x86 300kg

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