Cotek 1500W Inverter

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SK1500 Inverter provides 1500 continuous watts of pure sinewave output from your battery bank.  This allows you to power simultaneous applications without adding distortion or interference.  Designed for easy installation and enhanced functions, the SK1500 comes with multistage of power saving control, automatic load sensing and both AC receptacle and hardwire connections.  Built for hands-off operation, the SK1500 can be usedf with the optional CR-6/CR-8 remote for on/off control and basic system monitoring.Cotek 1500W Inverter in South Africa.


Cotek: 1500W Inverter SK1500-Pure Sinewave

PWM High Frequency Pure Sinewave Inverter provides an economical way to get instant AC power anywhere and at anytime as long as a battery is handy.  The inverter converts a DC power source (e.g. from a car, truck, boat or standard battery; or solar panels) to 230 VAC power.  The inverter range is specifically suitable for solar installations.  High frequency PWM technology ensures a compact unit providing high reliability and performance.  The inverter has a robust design and is quiet and portable.  It can therefore be operated in almost any environment.

Available in 12V, 24V,48V.

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