Cotek 600W Inverter

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S600 Inverter provides 600 continuous watts of pure sinewave output from your DC battery.  It is the most popular off-grid power solution and provides utility-grade output power to run most household appliances.  Designed for operating entertainment electronics and sensitivity loads, S600 features solid-state circuitry precisely regulates the voltage and frequency of the pure sinewave output and automatic low voltage shutdown protects your expensive batteries from excessive depletion.Cotek 600W Inverter Cape Town


Cotek: 600W Inverter S600-Pure Sinewave

PWM High Frequency Pure Sinewave Inverter provides an economical way to get instant AC power anywhere and at anytime as long as a battery is handy.  The inverter converts a DC power source (e.g. from a car, truck, boat or standard battery; or solar panels) to 230 VAC power.  The inverter range is specifically suitable for solar installations.  High frequency PWM technology ensures a compact unit providing high reliability and performance.  The inverter has a robust design and is quiet and portable.  It can therefore be operated in almost any environment.


Lights, drills, general electrical tools, computerised instruments, medical equipment, emergency power, computers, TV sets, radios, satellite receivers, fans, small water pumps, etc.

Available in 24V.

Cotek S600 Manual

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