Fronius Primo Grid Tied Inverter 8.2kW-1

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Working with grid tied inverter technology has never been as easy as it is with our new SnapINverter generation. The grid tied inverter impress with their thoroughly sophisticated design and interfaces and the integrated All-In-One communication package, which comes as standard. This makes installation and commissioning, as well as operation and servicing, extremely efficient in terms of time and costs. The technical aspects of the individual models are perfectly designed to meet the requirements of the PV systems of today and tomorrow. This guarantees maximum flexibility in system planning and means the SnapINverter generation can be used for all PV systems,  from single-family home systems up to large-scale PV installations. The communicative grid tied inverter for optomised energy management. Single phase with 8.2kW nominal output, WLAN, and intergrated communication package.

Fronius Primo Grid Tied Inverter 8.2kW-1 Cape Town


The Dynamic Peak Manager is a new MPP tracking algorithm that dynamically adapts its behaviour when searching for the optimal operating point. The special feature is that the Dynamic Peak Manager automatically checks the entire characteristic curve on a regular basis and finds the global Maximum Power Point (GMPP), even in partial shade.

Fronius Primo 8.2-1 Spreadsheet.

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