Fronius Symo Grid Tied Inverter 12.5kW-3

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The Fronius grid tied inverter has been developed exclusively for use in grid-connected photovoltaic systems; it is impossible to generate energy independently of the public grid. Thanks to its design and the way it works, the grid tied inverter is extremely safe both to install and to operate. The inverter automatically monitors the public grid. In the event of abnormal grid conditions, the inverter ceases operating immediately and stops feeding power into the grid (e.g. if the grid is switched off, if there is an interruption, etc.). Grid monitoring involves monitoring voltage, frequency and the stand-alone situation. The grid tied inverter operates fully automatically. As soon after sunrise as there is sufficient energy available from the solar modules, the inverter starts monitoring the grid.

Fronius Symo Grid Tied Inverter 12.5kW-3 Cape Town


If the inverter becomes too hot, it automatically reduces the current output power in order to protect itself. Reasons for the inverter becoming too hot include the ambient temperature being too high or inadequate heat dissipation (e.g. if it is installed in a switch cabinet without suitable heat dissipation).

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