Fronius Symo Grid Tied Inverter 15kW-3

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The grid tied inverter operates fully automatically. As soon after sunrise as there is sufficient energy available from the solar modules, the inverter starts monitoring the grid. When insolation has reached a sufficient level, the inverter starts feeding energy into the grid. The grid tied inverter operates in such a way that the maximum possible amount of power is obtained from the solar modules. As soon as the power available has fallen below the level at which energy can be fed into the grid, the inverter disconnects the power electronics completely from the grid and stops running. It retains all its settings and stored data. If the grid tied inverter becomes too hot, it automatically reduces the current output power in order to protect itself.

Fronius Symo Grid Tied Inverter 15kW-3 Cape Town


The Fronius Eco does not have an internal boost converter. This results in certain restrictions in the choice of solar module and string. The minimum DC input voltage (UDC min) depends on the grid voltage. On the other hand, a highly optimised device is then available for the appropriate application.

Fronius Symo 15.0-3-M Spreadsheet.

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