Fronius Symo Grid Tied Inverter 8.2kW-3

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The Fronius SuperFlex Design combines all the system design requirements into a single grid tied inverter form. Two MPP trackers combined with a high system voltage and wide input voltage range guarantee maximum flexibility. Every DC input, and therefore every MPP tracker, is able to accommodate the entire nominal output of the inverter. The result: a grid tied inverter for every application. Thanks to the SuperFlex Design, a single inverter can cope with any challenge – including different roof orientations, shading of one or two strings, or the use of residual modules. Fronius inverters are ready for the Smart Grid of tomorrow. The grid tied inverters are optimally equipped to meet the technical requirements of grids in the future. A series of smart functions, known as Advanced Grid Features, are built into the devices.

Fronius Symo Grid Tied Inverter 8.2kW-3 Cape Town


These include a number of control functions for optimum feed-in of reactive power and effective power. These functions are designed to enable stable grid operation even when the PV system density is very high and to prevent unwanted interruptions to feed-in and associated yield losses. Fronius inverter therefore help to guarantee the yield of a PV system.

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