Grundfos Pool Flex MGE Solar Pool Pump. 3 Panel Kit

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Grundfos Pool Flex MGE Solar Pool Pump. The Pool Flex Solar Pool Pump is manufactured and assembled in South Africa and adapted to fit onto the high efficiency AC/DC Grundfos MGFlex Motor. The MGFlex 2-pole motor (frame size 80) with integrated frequency converter can be powered by solar (DC) or the grid (AC). The integrated frequency converter enables the MGFlex  SolarPool Pump motor to run at a high efficiency across a wide speed range. When operating on a DC supply (solar power), Maximum Power Point Tracking will continously optimize the motor speed according to the input power available and thus ensure optimum efficiency across the system. All motors are supplied complete with built-in IEC60034-11 approved thermal protection. Steady overload and stalled conditions will result in the motor ceasing to operate, automatically reseting itself and restarting once the fault has been cleared.


Grundfos Pool Flex MGE Solar Pool Pump - 3 Panel Kit Cape Town

Installation Kit 3 Panels


1 x Pump & Motor unit

1 x Combi Kit

3 x GF 100 TF 100 w Panels

1 x Wire Kit Array to switch box

1 x I O 50 Switch Box

N.B. Support structure for Solar Panels not included

FOR POOL UP TO 25000 l

Pool flex leaflet A4-1

PoolFlex data 14112011 – poolpump

Price: R32,603.00

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