Kestrel Monopole Tower

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Kestrel Monopole Tower. Kestrel, a Proudly South African product has developed a reputation across the globe for providing leading edge renewable energy solutions. Kestrel Renewable Energy is a subsidiary of Eveready (Pty) Ltd, South Africa’s icon battery manufacturer brand with a proud 70 year old history of providing portable power solutions in South Africa. The combination of the Kestrel Renewable Energy technology and Eveready’s ISO certified manufacturing and technical expertise has achieved recognition as Proudly South African Innovator of the Year and Best Exporter. Kestrel manufactures a range of small wind turbines rated at 600W, 800W, 1kW and 3.5kW, all of which feature robust turbine construction and unique engineering solutions. The Kestrel e400nb has been UK (MCS) and USA (SWCC) certified. The Kestrel range of turbines is the choice for telecommunications, off grid, grid connected, water pumping and hybrid solution. Suitable for e160, e230 and e300.

Kestrel Monopole Tower Cape Town

Kestrel Monopole Tower



Height (m) Turbine centre to ground
Weight (kg) e300i 12m 400
e400i 12m 614
e400i 18m 1001
Material Mild steel
Foot print area (m²) ±3
Design wind speed (m.s¯¹) 40
Turbine weight (kg) Up to 250
Turbine mounting 8 hole flange
Number of pipe sections Up to 6m
Finish Zinc galvanized
Warranty Terms & conditions apply 2 years extendable
Concrete depth (m) Suggested 1

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