Minus 40 C430 litre Fridge Freezer

Get the Minus 40 C230 Litre Fridge Freezer For Only R29,190

Energy saving fridge freezers which need power for only 3-4 hours daily.Specifically designed to run from a generator or in locations where mains power is unreliable.430 litre models have thick polyurethine insulation.

Minus 40 enjoys a reputation for supplying rugged, reliable fridges and freezers for use in the harsh environment found in Africa. Minus 40 are specialist manufacturers and suppliers of products which provide dedicated solutions to your needs for Refrigeration, Freezing and Ice Making.

Minus 40 ‘s ‘Coldsaver’ range of products, covers most of the end uses including medical and health, hospitality and tourism and remote private dwellings and farms. Coldsaver products require just 3 to 4 hours of power in a 24 hour period to give fantastic performance and protection of valuable contents be it food or vaccine.

Minus 40 C430 litre Fridge Freezer Cape Town


Amps : 3.3

Baskets : 10

Weight : 180kg

Width : 740mm

Height : 920mm

Capacity : 430l

Power (max) : 725W



Remote farms, Hunting & Safari Camps.

Holiday houses, Rural Hospitals/Clinics & remote Trading Stores.



Generator cost savings.

C F C free.

Minimum generator size 2.2KW.

Thick polyurethane insulation (80-120mm).

Attractive white coating on galvanised steel.

Units use 220V AC mains or generator power.

Unique eulectic “hold the cold” when power is off.


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