Minus 40 Medicinal Freezer MED430MF

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The MED430MF medicinal chest freezer is specifically designed for modern hospital and pharmacy facilities to preserve medical products to tight temperature tolerances. A digital controller is employed to maintain freezer set temperatures between 0˚C and -40˚C whilst having an audible alarm function should set temperature parameters be exceeded. Whilst the exterior casing is made from white Chromodek steel, the interior finish is in stainless steel for an enhanced hygiene function. All units are prepared to receive an external temperature monitoring device as required by current Pharmacy regulations. The MED430MF has the added advantage to conform to the latest environmental ‘green’ standards for gases and electrical consumption. This product is backed by the reputable and reliable Minus 40 service warranty and customers can select maintenance contracts to ensure extended longevity of their Minus 40 Fridge.

Minus 40 Medicinal Freezer MED430MF

Minus 40 Medicinal Freezer MED430MF



  • The outer casing is produced with white pre-painted 0,7mm Chromadek.
  • The inner casing is produced with stainless steel.
  • This unit’s insulation is foamed in place by Polyurethane 40kg/m² density with a minimum of 80mm thickness.
  • Control of the refrigerator temperature is by means of a digital thermostat.
  • The digital controlled has the facility for audible alarm function for out of parameter temperature transgressions.
  • An environmentally friendly refrigerator that is CFC free.
  • This unit consumes minimum power.
  • 6 Top white epoxy coated baskets are provided.
  • 4 Bottom white epoxy coated baskets are provided.
  • Chest lid is lockable door for product security.
  • An operating and installation manual is provided.

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