Minus 40 Medicinal Refrigerator MED900SD

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The MED900SD medicinal refrigerator is specifically designed for modern hospital and pharmacy facilities to store medicines and vaccines to tight temperature tolerances at all times, and give notifications should a fault occur. The MED900SD has the added advantage that it is designed to operate in quiet environments whilst also meeting the latest environmental ‘green’ standards for gases and electrical consumption. The white pre-painted Chromadek inner and outer casing gives this unit a clean finish. This product is backed by the reputable and reliable Minus 40 service warranty and customers can select maintenance contracts to ensure extended longevity of their Minus 40 Fridge.

Minus 40 Medicinal Refrigerator MED900SD

Minus 40 Medicinal Refrigerator MED900SD



  • The outer casing is produced with white pre-painted 0,6mm Chromadek.
  • The inner casing is produced with white pre-painted 0,6mm Chromadek.
  • This unit’s insulation is foamed in place by Polyurethane 32kg/m² density with a minimum of 45mm thickness.
  • The refrigeration system is fitted with a condensing unit that cools a finned coil within the insulated cabinet.
  • Air is forced over the finned coil by 1 axial fan. Cold air is forced to the rear of the cabinet.
  • This air flow ensures even temperature distribution within the cabinet irrespective of how each shelf is packed.
  • Control of the refrigerator temperature is by means of a digital thermostat.
  • Alarm indication is provided for temperatures outside the range 2˚C to 8˚C.
  • There is a cavity positioned towards the back of the unit for independent temperature control.
  • An environmentally friendly refrigerator that is CFC free.
  • This unit consumes minimum power.
  • A light is switched on at all times to illuminate the cabinet contents.
  • Defrosting of the inner coil takes place automatically and the defrost water is drained away and evaporated in the compressor compartment.
  • 8 Adjustable white epoxy coated shelves.
  • The doors slide on ball bearing inclined tracks and are self-closing lockable door for product security.

Minus 40 Medicinal Refrigerator MED900SD Data

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