Minus 40 Solar Power Vaccine Fridge B130/10/12

Get the Minus Solar Power Vaccine Fridge B130/10/12 For Only R36,500

The B130, 12volt, Vaccine Refrigerator was specifically developed to WHO PQS specification standards and sponsored by the South African National Department of Health. This unit was designed for use where there is solar power through batteries to continuously power the Refrigerator. It will hold the fridge temperature between 2˚C and 8˚C during high ambient temperature as high as 43˚C. This gives clients the assurance that their vaccines will retain their efficacy and shelf life. The vaccine refrigerator also has the unique feature of having a freezer compartment for freezing ice packs that are subsequently used in cooler boxes for transporting vaccines to remote locations during vaccination campaigns. The B130 Vaccine refrigerator is built to handle the robust duties expected in an African environment with a legacy of longevity in the field (early examples are still working after more than 20 years service, including in many African countries). The unit comes with the Minus 40 Warranty and can be specified with a service package.

Minus 40 Solar Power Vaccine Fridge B130/10/12

Minus 40 Solar Power Vaccine Fridge B130/10/12



  • The refrigerator temperature is controlled by a 2 stage digital controller.
  • The first stage of the digital controller cools the unit by switching the compressor either on or off.
  • The second stage of the digital controller is set to prevent freezing of the vaccine load.
  • Should internal temperature near freezing point, the controller switches on a heating unit to provide sufficient heating to prevent freezing.
  • Alarm indication is provided for temperatures outside the 2˚C to 8˚C.
  • There is a cavity positioned towards the back of the unit for independent temperature control.
  • An internal fan is fitted to circulate air inside the cabinet.
  • The freezer compartment operates between -12˚C to – 10˚C and is used for ice pack freezing.
  • Carrying handles are fitted on the unit to assist in off-loading, positioning and during hygiene cleaning exercises.
  • This unit is environmentally friendly as the refrigerator is CFC free.
  • This unit consumes minimum power.
  • Fridge interior surfaces prepared with stainless steel for superior hygiene standards.
  • Low operating sound, ideal for medical facilities.
  • 3 Adjustable epoxy coated shelves and LED internal lighting.
  • Individual internal door is fitted to the freezer compartment to ensure that freezer temperature is regulated when main door is opened.
  • Door is a self-closing solid door.
  • Lockable door for product security.
  • An operating and installation manual is provided.

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