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Specifically designed to manoevre varied terrain and handle the most demanding applications, the Segway x2 takes the challenge out of traveling the outdoors.

With the x2, outdoor areas are as accessible as interior spaces. Low-pressure tires, scratch-resistant fenders and convenient fender frame lift handles allow your staff to easily maneuver a variety of terrains without disrupting the condition of your grounds. And with no fuel or heavy maintenance required, you can achieve your off-pavement applications without compromising cost or quality. Introducing the Segway X2 SE. Its deep tread, all-terrain tyres can master intimidating patches of dirt, gravel, grass and sand. A special adaptation of Segway Inc’s dynamic stabilization technology and a wider track maximise stability, while the x2 SE’s higher ground clearance ensures that steep hills, uneven trails and errant rocks won’t impede your ride. It can carry you up to 19km on a single charge* and when you want to transport your x2 SE to an off-pavement destination, oversized handles make it easy to hoist it on or out of a vehicle. Wherever your pursuit of an adrenaline rush takes you, pure exhilaration is sure to follow as the x2 SE propels you over the landscape, instantly responding to your every move.

Segway:x2 Base Model Cape Town


Tyre Width:8inch/20cm


Max Speed:125mph/20kph

Range:upto 12 miles/19km


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