Steca LCD Charge Controller PR1010

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Our newest, and fifth generation of solar charge controllers sets new standards in solar technology.  For the first time a big graphical display shows all system information in a self explaining way. The integrated central processing unit, called Atonic, provides a charge controller with new functions. Atonic is more than a protective device for your battery, and contains the most recent and innovative technology. It contains a self-learning algorithm which gives detailed information on the battery’s state of charge (SOC).

This optimized Steca State of charge algorithm is more precise than ever known and displayed similar to a fuel gauge.  It adjusts itself to the battery’s age and capacity.  The SOC provides a basis for all control and regulatory functions.  This new type of hybrid regulator is much more efficient than conventional series and shunt regulators.  Furthermore the regulator is equipped with an electronical fuse which protects the regulator much better than a mechanical fuse and offers more comfort to the user as it reconnects automatically.  In additional a manual load switch is available on the regulator.Steca LCD Charge Controller PR1010 Cape Town


Steca LCD Charge Controller PR1010 10A 12/24V with LCD

  • Self explaining Graphical display of System Status
  • Short circuit, open circuit protection
  • Automatic Electronic Fuse
  • Internal Temperature Compensation
  • Determination of State of Charge
  • Automatic Voltage Adaption
  • Operating Status Diagnosis
  • State of Charge Indication
  • Overdischarge Protection
  • Manual load switch


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