Watair Water Generator 5000l

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The Watair Atmospheric Water Generator has many commercial applications. Commercial businesses (office blocks, health clinics, schools, government, military, farms) rely on municipal water as their main source of water, a costly, often unhealthy and environmentally unfriendly option. Our commercial units have the capacity to provide any volume of water required, regardless of the size of the business. Remote businesses (mining exploration, oil-rigs, ships at sea, bush lodges, remote villages and work sites) have difficulty accessing drinking water, often requiring expensive transport of bottled water to these sites, which has a negative impact on the environment. Our remote units can be modified to use solar energy, which means they can function anywhere and are not reliant on electricity to create drinking water. Our mobile units can provide drinking water to any remote site.

Watair Water Generator 5000 L


How it works

  1. Fresh air enters the machine through air filters
  2. Filtered air is cooled down to it’s dew point
  3. Condensation forms water and falls into the reservoir tank
  4. Water is pumped through filters
  5. Water undergoes reverse osmosis procedure
  6. Water is pumped through mineralisers up to top reservoir tank
  7. Pure water is stored in top reservoir tank and UV treated


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