Zero Gas – Electric Refrigerator GR265D

Zero Gas – Electric Refrigerator GR265D For R24,150

We specialise in the design and manufacture of high-quality compressor and absorption refrigerators and freezers. We have 60 years of absorption design and refrigerator manufacturing experience. Our experience means that we have perfected the art of producing reliable and durable electrical cooling products. Our cutting-edge absorption refrigeration design and technology has made us the fridge and stove manufacturer leaders in South Africa. This has provided us with a strong foothold on the African continent and a successful international operation. Our solid infrastructure is geared to encapsulate both high efficiencies and above average productivity in the manufacture of absorption fridges, refrigerators and administrative divisions. Our core business has remained focused on absorption technology. This has enhanced our position as a prominent local manufacturer and international exporter of absorption refrigerators. The complete flexibility of our absorption refrigerator power selection consistently gives you value and freedom of choice. Our refrigeration and stove manufactures products are approved by the LP Gas association. You can rest assured that our absorption refrigerators and chest freezers are compliant with safety and best practices. The PR265D is available in white and stainless steel and is manufactured to order.

Zero Gas - Electric Refrigerator GR265D

Zero Gas – Electric Refrigerator GR265D


Our Guarantee
• No freezing of vaccines.
• Exceptional holdover times.
• Reliable performance.
• Mains model operates on just a few hours of power supply a day.
• Locally manufactured delivery within 1 week.


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