Zero Kerosene – Electric Refrigerator PR265D

Zero Kerosene – Electric Refrigerator PR265D For R25,300

We stock a variety of home appliances at wholesale prices. As leading home appliances suppliers, we provide you with international quality products at unbeatable prices. Our household appliances offer you value for your money with its low maintenance costs, high quality and elegant designs. Our household appliances are also conducive to the harsh African climate providing you with years of excellent working products.  We stock the GR265D (Gas / Electric Upright Refrigerator), PR265D (Paraffin / Kerosene Upright Refrigerator) and the CR100 (Gas / Electric Upright Refrigerator). Our fridges are energy efficient ensuring you save money on your electricity bills. The CR100 (Gas / Electric Upright Refrigerator) is available in a unique black finish. Our fridges will keep your goods fresh for longer. The PR265D is available in white and stainless steel and is manufactured to order.

Zero Kerosene - Electric Refrigerator.

Zero Kerosene – Electric Refrigerator.


Our Guarantee
• No freezing of vaccines.
• Exceptional holdover times.
• Reliable performance.
• Mains model operates on just a few hours of power supply a day.
• Locally manufactured delivery within 1 week.


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