Zero Medical Blood Bank Refrigerator ZBF100AC

Zero Medical Blood Bank Refrigerator ZBF100AC For R45,000

Medical refrigerators and freezers are designed for the storage of drugs and vaccines under controlled conditions in hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories, doctor’s rooms and general use. Our medical freezers and refrigerators offer superb performance, low maintenance and are reliable for years of hassle-free operation. Our coolers use advanced technology which perfectly blends performance and value to match your needs. We specialise in the design and manufacture of high-quality compressor and absorption refrigerators and freezers. With over 60 years of design and refrigeration manufacturing experience we have perfected the art of continually producing reliable and durable cooling products. Our cutting-edge refrigeration design and technology has made us the market leaders in South Africa with a strong foothold on the African continent and a successful international operation.

Zero Medical Blood Bank Refrigerator ZBF100AC Cape Town

Zero Medical Blood Bank Refrigerator ZBF100AC


Our Guarantee
• No freezing of vaccines.
• Exceptional holdover times.
• Reliable performance.
• Mains model operates on just a few hours of power supply a day.
• Locally manufactured delivery within 1 week.

The SURE CHILL® Technology has been developed by a pioneering European company, experts in Sustainable Energy solutions with more than 25 years’ experience in sustainable and renewable energy. We are extremely proud of our ZERO MEDICAL Vaccine Refrigerators with SURE CHILL® Technology and the ability to transform lives by keeping lifesaving vaccines safe, effective and secure.
• SURE CHILL®   Technology is a result of more than 20 years’ experience and is used in many countries across the globe.
• Our Refrigerators have been independently tested and WHO pre-qualified to ensure Consistent performance and reliability.
• Zero Appliances is a pioneer in the field of refrigeration with a rich experience of over 60 years.




WHO PQS Approved


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