Zero Medical Vaccine Fridge ZLF100AC

Zero Medical Vaccine Fridge ZLF100AC For R44,850

Zero solid infrastructure is geared to encapsulate both high efficiencies and above average productivity in the manufacture of absorption refrigerators, compressor refrigerators and administrative divisions. Our core business has remained focused on refrigeration technology, which has enhanced our position as a prominent local manufacturer and international exporter. The complete flexibility of our absorption refrigerator power selection consistently gives users value and freedom of choice. All Zero Appliance gas products are approved by the LP Gas association, so you can rest assured that our absorption refrigerators and chest freezers are compliant with safety and best practices. The Vaccine and Ice-pack Development Department focuses on the minimization of waste vaccines and the maximization of refrigerator and freezer storage. This is clearly evident from the new and improved products entering The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) programme on a continual basis. Cold chain equipment failure is simply not an option and Zero Appliances take pride in the reliability of our technology. As medical science constantly advances, we will adapt our research and development to the changing needs and demands of the end-users of our cold chain products.

Zero Medical Vaccine Fridge ZLF100AC Cape Town

Zero Medical Vaccine Fridge ZLF 100AC


Our Guarantee
• No freezing of vaccines.
• Exceptional holdover times.
• Reliable performance.
• Mains model operates on just a few hours of power supply a day.
• Locally manufactured delivery within 1 week.

The SURE CHILL® Technology has been developed by a pioneering European company, experts in Sustainable Energy solutions with more than 25 years’ experience in sustainable and renewable energy. We are extremely proud of our ZERO MEDICAL Vaccine Refrigerators with SURE CHILL® Technology and the ability to transform lives by keeping lifesaving vaccines safe, effective and secure.
• SURE CHILL®   Technology is a result of more than 20 years’ experience and is used in many countries across the globe.
• Our Refrigerators have been independently tested and WHO pre-qualified to ensure Consistent performance and reliability.
• Zero Appliances is a pioneer in the field of refrigeration with a rich experience of over 60 years.


WHO PQS Approved


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