Zero Vaccine Carrier 11,6L

Zero Vaccine Carrier 11.6L For R3,105

Internationally renowned cooler box manufacturers, Zero Appliances seek practical and versatile solutions to the fridge and freezer markets. Our rugged ranges of portable and stationary cooler boxes are designed to last. The solid construction is dependable and reliable to ensure uninterrupted usage of your electric cooler box. Cooler boxes, refrigerators and freezers have become an essential part of our daily lives. Advanced features and overall performance are important for customers, especially in the African market where power interruption can affect the length of time food stays fresh. We specialise in the design of versatile compressor and absorption refrigeration units. Our advanced cooler box technology uses thick installation to keep items cooler for longer when power supply is interrupted. Our electric cooler boxes also have the benefit of flexible power supply so you can effortlessly switch between electric power supply and 12 volt battery power or LP Gas or Paraffin / Kerosene depending on the type of cooler box you choose.

Zero Vaccine Carrier 11,6L Cape Town

Zero Vaccine Carriers



Gross Storage Capacity : 11.61 L

Vaccine Storage Capacity : 6.0 L

Weight (Empty) : 12.82 kg

External Dimensions (LWH) : 62.4 X 50.2 X 42.6cm

Internal Dimensions (LWH) : 40.3 X 28.2 X 21.1cm

Vaccine Storage Dimensions (LWD) : 33.0 X 21.2 X 16.6

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